Guest Submissions

Souldust is a community where you can be seen in all your beautiful, edgy, evolving imperfections and gifts. It is a place of nourishment, awakening, bravery, laughter and deep connection.

We are always on the lookout for authentic, thoughtful guest submissions. Posts that create moments of clarity. Nudges to hear soul whispers. When the reader remembers who they are and their connection to this world. Recognition that, while we are all unique and weird in our own special ways, we are not different. We are in this together. And that we’re all still doing the best we can to figure shit out.

Have you had an expansion of self-awareness, that others might find familiar?
Have you learned new practices that have changed how you connect with and move through life?
Do you have an innate superpower you can pass on to others?
Have you been through the wringer and lived to tell a tale of strength or survival?

We want writers who can describe what makes their soul shine. Who can find the humor in the midst of the crazy. Who can step back and learn from an experience. We want to know what YOU do to navigate through life and dust off your inner sparkle. How did you reclaim your time, joy, curiosity? How have you overcome anxiety, depression, fear, doubt, disconnect?  Need more? Here are some Souldust themes you can use as inspiration.

camp circleCAMP

The trees, oceans, wind and stars have a way of reminding us of how fundamentally connected we are. They wake us up to a state of awe. Gone on a tree-hugging binge? Had a particularly profound experience with Mother Nature? A hiking trip that changed your life? We’ll stoke the fire, you tell the story.

play circlePLAY

How do you play? Do you get creative? Mischievous? Goofy? Play taps into our inner wildling, the one who can’t be anything but themselves. It encourages softening into the moment, releasing fear and anxiety. Know a creative practice everyone should try? The secret to laughing daily? Share with us your sacred version of play.

wander circleWANDER

We love wandering, near and far. Getting out of our comfort zone in a new culture. Having an open, curious mind leads to an inclusive world community. How did wandering the world (or down the street) shift your perspective? Considering writing the next  Eat, Pray, Love? Why not start here?

explore circleEXPLORE

You’re exploring your shadows or discovering your light. It could be grief, new family structure, body image, sexual identity, or spirituality. Exploring all the things illuminates your path to reclaiming core identities, personal truths. Whether rooted in aching pain or ecstatic joy, everyone’s story deserves telling. What’s yours?

Not sure where your idea fits? We love a good conversation.

Engaging details, gripping drama, tear-jerking lows and ecstatic highs, or simply surprising revelations. The common thread? We want to know the universal truths you uncovered, the wisdom you gleaned from an experience that others may need to hear,  the moral of the story. Tell us what made you shift in perspective, embrace the new way of life, melt that ice block in your heart. We want to learn from you.

Gather around the fire. Speak. We see you. We want to raise your voice higher.  Authentic wisdom is our jam.

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