I am a photographer and would love to join you at an event.

We love to bring photographers to Camp Souldust, our flagship event. Sometimes this is in trade, sometimes paid, depending on the nature of the engagement.  

We do not typically do trade for travel retreats, given they are intimately sized events and thus cannot absorb the overhead of an additional non-paying guest. At times, we make space for a guest photographer who wants to attend at a reduced rate in exchange for taking photos to be used in future promotions.  

Unless it is specifically a self-care or similarly focused retreat, we do not offer private photo sessions at events, as it disrupts the flow of the community experience.

Our photographer spots fill up quickly but we always love to learn about great photographers! If you're interested in any of our upcoming events, email us at  camp@souldust.com and include samples of your work -- social media accounts and web page links only please, no attachments.  We'll review them and if we love your work and think it fits the Souldust vibe we'll be in touch to see if we can make a match. If we can't make it work now we'll be happy to keep your information on file to see if we can make it work for a future event. 

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