What will I eat / drink? What if I have dietary restrictions?

We believe that food should nourish your soul as well as your belly. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know in your registration. We do ask that you note whether something is a serious allergy vs. a dietary restriction/intolerance.

At Camp Souldust, we've made sure your meals are better than the average camp food. The food will be fresh, healthy and filling, and there will be something for everyone with plenty of variety. Past meals have included fresh fruits, homestyle chilis and stews, delicious pasta & seafood dishes, and so much more. A variety of beverages are available 24/7.

When traveling on a Souldust retreat, we will notify our host venue of your needs, but cannot guarantee they will always be met, especially in countries where the cuisine is in opposition to allergies. Given we strive for freshly prepared food in our experiences, common intolerances are usually manageable. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to appropriately prepare yourself for the region’s cuisine.

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